1. Rio Road

From the recording Make It Better

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Walkin’ down Rio road
In the early afternoon
Headin’ for the ocean shore
Gonna stretch out on a dune


I don’t have to worry
I don’t have to hurry
Just wish you were here with me
just wishin’ that’s the way it could be
When we talked not so long ago
I held back, didn’t let it show
But now I miss you and I want you to know
But now I’m just walkin’ down … Rio Road

I see the mission’s brown adobe walls
They seem so strong, like they’ll never fall
I hear the waves crashing to the shore
And I wonder what I’ve been waiting for


As I pass under cypress trees
I feel the sun and a warm summer breeze
Wish you were here walkin’ next to me
Yeah just wishin’ that’s the way it could be